• No oil supply-needed solid lubrication bearing made with metal plate and mesh as the base and by impregnation and coating solid lubricant with excellent wear resistance.
  • Load condition
       - No oil supply needed by low friction factor of solid lubricant
       - Excellent vibration/impact property
       - Excellent for high or medium load
       - Great measurement accuracy
       - Durable in extreme conditions such as frequent stopping
       - Ideal for small and light design

  • Environmental condition
       - Almost no noise or vibration
       - Excellent heat, water, chemical resistance.
       - Not affected by solvent, gas and steam
       - Available in a wide range of temperature: -200℃~+280℃
       - No environmental pollution by production pollution from oil supply or waste oil

    ※ Fast delivery and easy to use by standardization of various product sizes.
    Area Use
    Transporting machines Car Door hinge bush, wiper bush, shock absorber, clutch, transmission, brake
    Shipbuilding Steering link, hatch cover, pulley, etc.
    Aircraft Controller link, buffer, driver, valve, winch, etc.
    Other Farming machine part, conveyor, painting line, ski lift winch, assembly line
    Electric/electronic machines Recording device(feeder drive head), copier, computer, MT unit, VCR, capstan bearing, projector, zoom lens drive head, satellite antenna, flow meter, solenoid switch, rotating drier, laundry press, electric agitator, washing machine, winding machine, limit switch
    Oil pressure/hydraulic machines Gear pump, hydraulic cylinder, Lucas hydraulic pump, hot water supply pump, nitrogen pump, gas meter, rotary actuator
    Printing/food machines

    Offset printer, Gravion printer, address printer, auto ticket dispenser, Stapler, binder, bottle filler, bottle washer, auto breast pump, cigarette machine, meat cutter, peeler, agitator, fermentation system

    Textile machines Twisting machine, bobbin, knitting machine, jet loom, stroller, winder, sizing machine, loom, etc.