• Metal processing by compression molding of various kinds of metal powder with metal mold and special pneumatic sintering. (up-to-date manufacturing of metal machine parts)
  • Production of more complex shapes including cogwheel, curve, caster, etc. with narrow range of acceptable values is available. (various types of production available without post-processing)
  • Product shapes and sizes in one series are very even and precise. (Precise measurement)
  • High purity, high quality part production is available; excellent surface condition. (even component composition)
  • Mass production and automation of machine parts, structural parts are available. (affordable cost)
  • Self oil supply by containing oil within the processing. (oilles bearing, filter)
  • For sintered steel, case hardening, heat treatment and steam treatment are available. (quality improving post-treatment available)
  • No material loss from break metal during cast processing or machine processing. (it saves material costs and processing costs)
    Application Use
    Regular machine parts Cars/ machine parts / electric & electronic parts / farming machine parts
    Porous parts Various oilless bushes / solid lubricant bushes / filters
    Composite materials Hard metal parts(WC-Co) / electric connection parts(W-Cu, Cu-C)