• Powder metallurgy is a cutting-edge technology for material process by mixing, compacting and sintering metal or non-metal powder.
  • Economical
       - Mass production is possible by automated high-speed compression molding.
       - Very economical by alloying through sintering at temperature below metal’s melting point.
       - The measurement is consistent by production through metallic mold.(±0.02mm)
       - Almost no post-processing required, no waste of materials from cutting.

  • Original
       - By randomly mixing various types of metals, density, hardness and strength are adjustable.
       - Porosity is adjustable by adjusting power grain size, shape, welding force and sintering temperature.
        (oilless bearing filter manufacturing)
    Application Alloy
    Machine parts
    (car parts included)
    Cam, gear, sprocket,
    valve plate, brackets,
    nozzle sheets
    Fe, Fe-C, Fe-Cu, Fe-C-Cu, Fe-C-Ni-Mo
    Fe-C-Ni-Mn, Fe-Cr-Ni(austenitic SUS)
    Fe-C-Cr(martensitic SUS), Fe-C-Cu-Ni, Cu-Sn
    Porous products 含油軸受
    filter, heat exchanger
    sintered electrode
    Cu-Sn, Cu-Sn-Pb, Fe-C, Fe-Cu, Fe-C-Cu, Al-Cu
    Cu, Cu-Sn, Fe-Cr-Ni(austenitic  SUS), Ni-Ti, Pt
    Ni, Ta
    Hard metal Cutting tool, wear resistant tool WC-Co, WC-TaC-Co, WC-TiC-Co, WC-TiC-Ta(Nb)C-Co, WC-Ni
    Composite alloy Friction materials including electric contact friction plate clutch, brakes, etc., diamond-refining stone, dresser Ag-W, Cu-W, Ag-WC, Cu-WC, Ag-Mo, Ag-Ni, Ag-CdO, Cu-Sn-Fe-C, Cu-Sn-P-Cr-C, Fe-Cu-Pb
    Cu-Sn-Pb-C, Cu-Sn-Pb-SiO-C, Fe-Cu-C, Fe-C-SiC, D-Cu, D-Fe, D-Ni, D-WC-Co(D= diamond)
    High melting point metal Electric lamp/tube material, electrode,
    super heat resistant material, thermal couple
    W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Re and the alloys
    Cermet Super heat resistant material, cutting tool TiC-Mo-Ni, TiC-TiN(TaN)-Mo-Ni, TiC-Mo₂C-Ni(Co), TiC-Mo₂C-TiN-Ni(Co), Cr₃C₂-Ni, Al₂O₃-Cr, Al₂O₃-Fe
    Discontinuously-Reinforced Composite Creep resistant material Al-Al₂O₃, Cu-Al2O₃, Ni-ThO₂
    Magnetic material Sintered metal magnet Al-Ni-Co-Cu, Fe-Ni-Al